17. Samantha was diagnosed with retinoblastoma... Julie

  18. Taylor is six years old, a rope put out his eye... Michelle

  19. I have a dry eye problem... Brenda

  20. A bottle put my eye out... Lillian

  21. As a kid I was hit in my eye with a rock... Brenda

  22. My son Jake "what beautiful blue eyes he has"...Mitch

  23. I loss my eyesight at five years old... Sandy

  24. I am now 21, but I lost my at the age of two...Amanda

  25. My eye literally died...Gale

  26. My son Jac lost his eye to a BB gun accident...Rhonda

 27. My 18-month-old son lost his left eye to Retinoblastoma...Paige

  28. I am seventeen, about to lose my eye, and need to talk... Nina

  29. My fears before surgery were worse than now...Sandy

  30. I wish I had this forum when I first lost my eye...Tom

  31. I lost my eye at age 3, in 1959... Kathy

  32. My daughter just lost her eye to Retinoblastoma...Gretchen

  33. I would like to know more about eye loss counseling... John

  34. I lost my eye to a lawn mowing accident... Kathy


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