1. I was 5 years old when I lost my eye to Rhabdomyosarcoma...Janelle

 2. I lost my eye at 13, but I found life is what you make of it... Robert

3. I lost my eye when I was two weeks old...  Laura   

 4. Never put yourself down, be who you want to be...Selvan

5. I am an 21 years old woman from The Netherlands...Maartje

6. I am an attractive woman, but have this glaring disability...Claudia

7. I lost my eye due to pain, I feel much better now...Marta

8. I lost my eye to a drummers stick at a concert...Rosemary

9. I am devastated after loosing my eye to a horse accident...Paula

10. I lost my eye after my then boyfriend of four years hit me...Anna

11. I was nervous and scared... I asked for support from this
          website and boy did I get it...Annalisha

12. I would like to help you...John

13. A message from Steven

14. I have a malignant melanoma, why me?...Yvette

15. I lost my right eye in a oilfield accident... Mark

16. I lost my eye at seven, but I've faired well...Liz

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