Dear Singular Eyed Friends, I am 23 years old and live in the UK:

I asked to post my story on the Artificial Eye Patient Support Page because I want to share my pain and experiences.  I especially need some support right now since I don't feel too good about myself and my future. 
At the end of June this year (2004) I lost my eye after my then boyfriend of four years hit me.  I have had a metal plate put in my skull and my eyeball was split in 3 different places.  The surgeons did their very best to save my eye but all they could do was stitch it up and hope for the best. My sight could not be regained in that eye and after a couple of weeks my eyeball had shrunk to about quarter of the size, and the doctors said that I needed a scleral shell.   I feel lucky I wasn't brain damaged.
I went to get a temporary shell yesterday while I am on the waiting list for a fitted one that is molded to the shape of my eye (I will have to wait two months for that).  I was disappointed to hear that I have to take the scleral shell out every night to give my eye a rest.  I was hoping to be able to leave it in.  I was also disappointed to have to wait so long for the shell to be made, as I would like to get back to normal as soon as I can.
I am now living on my own and wondering how people will react when I meet them for the first time, and if they will accept me when I tell them about my eye.  I have always been very image conscious and always make sure I keep in shape and look my best.  I guess I will have to change my views on what is important in life. 

Your response would be very much appreciated,
Many thanks and kind regards,