My name is Marta, I am 24 years of age, and I lost my right eye 5 years ago.  Since that time I have been fitted with 3 eyes and each eye has become more aesthetically pleasing. 

I didnít lose my eye to an accident, I made the decision to have it removed because it was very sick causing me very severe pain...It was the best decision I made.  

I have read many of the stories on this site.  I would like to say to the individuals who are finding it hard to cope, "donít let it get to you".  I have had my bad days, but I have more good days than bad!  In fact, my main concern used to be that no man would like a woman who didnít have perfect eyes.  It seems however, that most people really don't notice.  Some people think I have a lazy eye, or that it may be different, but it doesnít look THAT BAD....In fact, I got married 3 months ago, and my husband thinks I have beautiful eyes. 

The worst thing about a ocular prosthesis is it can make you feel insecure when you speak to people who donít know you, and may stare at you.  I find if you tell your closer friends, it makes it so much easier, when you speak to them and you will feel comfortable.  Telling people is difficult, but it seems to be better in the long run. 

Another issue is the pupil size never changes, is anyone out there thinking of making a contracting pupil...is possible I wonder?

I am happy to write to anyone and will respond to any replies.  I think it would be interesting writing to others with some of the same experiences. 




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