Glossary of   Eye Terms

Anopia: absence of eyes.

Anophthalmia: congenital absence of eyes.

Anterior: front surface.

Canthus: (medial)- demarcation between the sclera and nasal corner of the eye.

Collarette: color ring around the pupil.

Conformer: plastic or silicone shell usually inserted after surgery to Help form the socket and support the eyelids.

Conjunctiva: mucous membrane that lines the eye socket and covers the implant.

Cornea: clear covering on the eye.

Cul-de-sacs: tissue pockets within the socket cavity.

Edema: swelling.

Enucleation: surgical removal of the eye.

Evisceration: removal of the eye contents.

Implant: Usually a spherical device placed in the socket at time of surgery to replace orbit volume after removal of the eye or its contents. Normally made of acrylic Plastic, Silicone or Bio-compatible material. 

Inferior: lower, as in inferior eyelid.

Integrated Implant: an implant such as (Bio-eye) or (Medpor) that allows the muscles of the eye to be directly attached to it, and in turn transfers the motion from the implant to the artificial eye via a peg system.

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