Iris: colored portion of the eye.

Limbus: demarcation zone between iris and sclera.

Medial: nasal or towards the nose.

Microphthalmia: abnormally small size of eye.

Nasal: toward the nose.

Ocular prosthesis: artificial eye.

Phthisis bulbi: shrinking of eyeball following injury, Infection or disease.

Posterior: back surface.

Pupil: black spot in the iris, which opens into the interior of the eye.

Sclera: white portion of the eye.

Scleral shell: flush fitting thin artificial eye usually fit over Phthisis bulbi (shrunken eye).

Stroma: main body color of the iris.

Sulcus: upper eyelid depression.

Superior: upper, as in upper eyelid.

Temporal: toward the ear.