Wearing a Prosthesis During Sports

An artificial eye prosthesis can generally be worn without fear of being dislodged while participating in almost any sport, including golf, tennis, running and even football.

However, when swimming, because many people automatically wipe their faces and rub their eyes when coming out of the water, it is highly recommended that you be very careful not to touch your eyelids.

You should remember that the most common way of removing a prosthesis is to pull down and out on the lower lid. If you are rubbing your eyes in a circular fashion, that may just what is need for the eye to come out.  

You should also keep your eyelids closed under water or wear swim goggles to avoid dislodging the eye from the socket. This is especially true if you plan to go into the ocean. Once an eye is lost in heavy surf, it is extremely unlikely that it would ever be found.

Many patient often have a novelty eye made to use while participating in their sports. Eyes can be made with the iris portion painted to depict their favorite activity. Of course the patient must feel very comfortable about their self assurance regarding their prosthesis to do this.

Some patients will wear a previous or spare prosthesis while swimming in the ocean just in case of a loss. Most ocularist will be happy to work with you to deal with your sport activity needs.

However, regardless of what you do, take care to protect your prosthesis with some of the suggestion listed above. The last thing you want is to come out of the water without your prosthesis.