The Swiss have been developing and using natural medications for a long time. Similasan Corporation, headquartered in Jonen, Switzerland, began in 1982 to put their safe, satisfying medicines on the shelves in Europe. Eye Drops #1 and #2 have since become the best-selling eye drops in Switzerland, even over the major brands also familiar to us here in the U.S.A.

Your eye socket will love the gentle touch of Similasan.  Whether you are dealing with, dryness, itchy socket or both, this is a very comfortable drop for your eyes. It is quick-acting and soothing.

Similasan Eye Drops #1 have been helping troubled eyes for many years. You can use these drops as often as you like, for as long as you need, with only the best results.  It is totally compatible with your plastic artificial eye or normal eye.

Itchy, watering allergy eyes are unbearable, especially if you wear an artificial eye.  This new drop is an effective treatment for the itchy eye socket  or natural eye and offers lubrication that you will feel immediately.  Similasan Eye Drops #2 provide instant relief and does it all, naturally.  They can be purchased at most health food stores.