Professional Fees

Referred patients frequently inquire about the cost for fitting and creating an ocular prosthesis. In the United States there is an broad range of fees depending on several factors including the Ocularist that cares for you.

The fee may be more or less depending on where you live, and the service required. It should be understood that it is very difficult for any ocularist to quote a fee without first examining the patient. The majority of ocularist offer the initial consultation visit without obligation and the charges will be explained at the time of your consultation visit.

If insurance coverage is available, most ocularist offices will assist you in every possible way to obtain full benefits of your policy. However, it should be noted that the patient, or in the case of children, a parent or guardian is always responsible for payment...and in the case of HMO'S it is always necessary to obtain a referral before work can begin.  In San Diego, we are contracted with most of the insurance/HMO providers within the county and your provider of services will direct you to our offices if you or your ophthalmologist request our facility for your prosthesis.

Kolberg Ocular Prosthetics does not have financing available for our services if you do not have insurance coverage. However, for the convenience of our patients we accept the major credit cards as a form of payment as do most ocularist offices.  We can also help with accommodations if you are from out of town and would like us to provide your ocular prosthetic fitting.